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How Millennium Works

Millennium is a fully decentralized community application where users can design
and order their next smart home.

Building Designers

Use our app to design your own smart home or create a project for collaboration.

Legal Services

Choose from a list of legal professionals on our platform to authenticate the project.

Project Estimates

Choose from a list of contractors to estimate project costs not associated with construction.

Final Legal Approval

Your chosen legal professional approves all details of the project to be available for crowdfunding.


Millennium token holders can contribute to the funding of Approved Projects.

Assembly & Transport

Home designs for funded projects are sent to our partners who will handle construction and transportation.

Release of funds

Funds are released to all Millennium users involved through our built-in escrow system.

What is Millennium?

There is no cryptocurrency in the market today that has the end-to-end infrastructure to support
designing, building, and buying homes like the Millennium Network.

ISBU Technology

We use ISBUs to build Millennium homes because of their low costs, high durability, fast construction, and ease of scalability.

Design Your Smart Home

Use our app to design your home

Community Crowdfunding

Use our Millennium token to crowdfund real estate projects

Collaborate with Contractors

Work with Real Estate professionals in our Millennium community

Escrow Security

Our methodology of insuring that all Millennium transactions are safe and secure

Decentralized Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology enables funding and buying homes to be an easier, faster, and more secure process for our users.

ICO Details

296M tokens total — Initial token cost $.60

In the News

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Our Work

See examples of what your next smart home can look like


View our roadmap below to see our planned deadlines for Millennium

ICO and homes available for pre-order
Millennium tokens are released
Millennium tokens available for exchanging with other cryptocurrencies
Model homes will be available. North America Market Opening, 5 homes a month production capability
Central America Expansion
South America Expansion
Millennium application MVP for Android - Design, order and pay for your home features, 10 homes a month production capability
Millennium V1 - Community, forums, voting, and social media for users
Millennium V2 - Professional services, escrow accounts, group ordering
Millennium V3 - Smart home feature fully functional
20 homes a month production capability
50 homes a month production capability
100 homes a month production capability
500 homes a month production capability
1000 homes a month production capability
5000 homes a month production capability
10000 homes a month production capability

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The cryptocurrency technologies that power Millennium token allow for users all around the world to easily collaborate and buy smart homes in a faster, simpler, cheaper, and more secured way that is not possible through the traditional methods of investing in real estate.

Traditionally, you would normally need a lot of money in order to invest in a home. Through the use of our Millennium token on our platform, users are able to participate in the crowdfunding of high quality smart homes that we are able to build with relatively very little investment.

Before the homes are made available for crowdfunding, they must go through a process where the user who designed the home must choose a legal professional who is a part of the Millennium community to authenticate the project by defining the legal processes and permits needed for the project to comply with local laws and their costs. Unlike regular Millennium users, legal professionals are not anonymous and all of their information, such as their credentials and contact information, will be available. The designer must pay a fee to the legal professional for their services.

Once those processes and costs are defined, the designer must then choose from contractors who are also a part of the Millennium community who will do cost estimates for any additional work associated with the project that is not a part of the cost for Millennium to build the home. Just like with their chosen legal professional, the designer must also pay a fee to the contractors for their estimates and the contractors information will also be publicly available.

Finally, the chosen legal professional will do another final check to make sure that the entire project is compliant. If the project is approved, the project will appear on a list of Approved Projects with all details and costs of the project available to the Millennium community to crowdfund. The project designer will choose a deadline to reach their crowdfunding goal. If they are not able to reach their goal before the deadline, then all of the crowdfunding will go back to their original owners.

If the crowdfunding is successful, the designs of the home will be sent to be built. Public escrow blockchain keys will be generated for the designer, the chosen legal professional, and Millennium. That way, all three parties must be in agreement before any funds are released to ensure that the terms of the project are being met and so that no one party will be able to transfer the project funds without all parties being involved for transparency and security.

Price will start at $0.60 cents per token

We have a hard cap of 296 Million tokens that will be created. 80% of that, or 236.8 million tokens, will be available to the market. The other 20% will be kept by Millennium for operations.

Yes. Our pre-sale will start on December 9, 2017

Our token sale will be on January 22, 2018.

Our token is backed by the same blockchain technology used by popular cryptocurrencies on the market, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. We will also build an escrow system in our platform using blockchain technology to generate public keys that will be given to the parties involved in Approved Projects on our platform to ensure that all parties are in agreement first before funds are released.

Since Millennium Network is decentralized, it means that there is no central hub that confirms and authenticates transactions. Instead, all of the nodes on the network must confirm and agree on every transaction made. Once all the nodes in the network are in agreement, a block of data is created and now the whole system working off of the latest block, which means all transactions are set in stone. For Millennium and other cryptocurrencies, it is basically a ledger that cannot be overwritten or manipulated.

  • There are so many reasons why:
    • Durability: Shipping containers are made of corten steel, making ISBU homes even more durable than regular homes, which use wood for the frame of the home.
    • Cost efficient: ISBUs are relatively cheap to manufacture and can be recycled from unused shipping containers.
    • Time efficient: ISBUs do not have to be built from scratch so the construction process can be done much faster. On average, it takes two skilled workers 8 hours to finish the construction of one ISBU module. If you have multiple workers working on multiple ISBU modules simultaneously, you can have all the modules for a Millennium smart home built within a few days. Additionally, the modules can be built off-site, so any time wasted from poor weather conditions that would normally halt the on-site construction process for homes would not be a factor for us.
    • Easy to transport: ISBUs were built to be easy to transport using trucks, trains, or ships. Because of this, Millennium smart homes are ready to be transported through the same channels once they have been constructed.
    • Eco-friendly: There is an estimated 16-17 million shipping containers in the world of which only about 5-6 million are in use. We can recycle old and unused shipping containers due to the durability and longevity of corten steel.
    • Scalable: Because of how ISBUs are designed, it is easy to build and expand on top of an already built ISBU building by just adding more modules.

Currently our smart homes are being built by our partner SQ Tech in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. SQ Tech has over 40 years of experience building everything from manufacturing plants, mining facilities, hospitals, resorts, universities, and commercial buildings. Click here to learn more about them.

Initially, our home building app will have different home models to choose from and users can customize different finishing features such as their luminaires, cabinetry, countertops, floor tiling, home siding, and roofing. As we expand our operations and production capacity, we will have the Millennium Network community give their inputs and continue to develop our home building app to allow for more flexibility and customization.